Rex & double rex


Mec r


Rex: Re

Rex is a dominant gene (which therefore can not be worn) can combine itself in fact when the rex gene is present 2 times a rat, then it is double-rex. Rex hair is a curly-haired and rather short. The whiskers are curly. The rex gives the appearance of "cotton" and "soft" to the rat, the hair can however be soft or rough.

R2G Caramel - Topaze base mink variehooded étoilé dumbo rex

M2 002


Double rex: Re/Re

The double rex is very particular, it gives the rat a mid rex half naked appearance (in some seedy ^^), he molts periods, during which rats lose his hair (fully or partially) then the hairs grow like nothing happened. The hair is very curly double-rex and very short whiskers are curly and are short, the hair is short and has bare areas especially during moulting.

R2G Cacao - Havane RED varieberk dumbo double rex

M1 15




Thank you to ask authorization for these photos!


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