1. Guideline:

I have color projects / type but my work guideline is health and character. These choices are my preferences, they are generally related to rats than I had ( for their good character), so if I want a particular type so I would work best.

All my health information family are centralized and available on my website here > click < .

My mink and RED base mink family is based on the first litter IND Gnocchi xXx SRS Dynasty Lexie. My choices are mostly made with the rats I have , who are the most suitable as future parents, but I do not want to be stuck on a specific phenotype, the goal is the health and character .


La famille f


2. Goals:
One goal of this project is to keep this character from the beginning that is found in every generation (cuddly, players, lovely).

I try to eliminate tumors and respiratory problems on the health side

Side types, I like to work the tan / tan agouti, RED base mink and rex / Double rex, dumbo I like as much as the standard.


 3. Methods:

For several reasons I used the branch of Archimede breeding by Cundolë.

I also breed rat of the work of Douphie (at earlier managed by Liha), a buck from "Les Petits Voleurs" (from work Manzelle, Diane, Lime and Ludivine, a large family), and rat of my family to continue my project.

consanguinity in my litters will not exceed 20%, this is for me less aggressive than starting on a higher rate, which could afford to select faster, but also more sensitive.



Here are the litters made with R2G:


Le taux de consanguinité sur mes portées ne dépassera pas les 20%, cela est pour moi moins agressif que de partir sur un plus haut taux. Je préfère me contenter d'un taux plus faible mais constant et prendre plus de temps pour sélectionner (mine de rien vouloir un taux "aussi bas" à ne pas dépasser me permet aussi d'avoir plus de recul car je peux faire des croisement plus éloignés qu'en inbreeding).

Il est possible selon certaines branches que les portées soient faites en double (2 frères x 2 soeurs, ou 2 soeurs x 1 même mâle), cela dépendra du nombre de ratons que j'ai sur la portée, des retours que je veux, des reproductions qui seront faites sur la portée et du croisement en question. Cela m'aidera surtout à sélectionner la meilleure branche encore une fois, mais je n'utiliserais ce système que pour garder des mâles bien souvent, pour avoir plus de recul.

Here is a diagram of my project:






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