I manage my rats as I have always done since the beginning of 2003, with love, with passion, and above all respect for animal welfare and needs. I like to discover my passion to others and acts every day to make known the rat with his whole universe




Rats are in the raterie until the end, we do not practice rehoming.

My rats are treated by a veterinarian as soon as necessary NACS,
more during litter, rats are animals whose worries amounted fast enough, you have to be ready.

In a litter all have equal importance from one to the other, and I am committed to helping the mother at best, so I do not make culling whether to help the mother or not, I believe that the spleen knows itself "select" babies.

Here rats are all my pets, so there is no replacement if a rat does not fit into a breeding project, I also adopts elsewhere rats in a pet purposes only.




  A doe may be reproduced only from its five months until her eight months for a first litter (age projection), it must not be "big", I favor the big guys and so many rats proportionate, I like the female exceeds 300g. I'm just one litter per spleen in general, but I do pay misses a 2nd time if conditions permit me.

A buck will be reproduced once spent his teenage crisis (around 1 year in general) so to notice all aggressiveness that could have appeared so far, and prevent a part of early genetic concerns. I am not attached to the male reproductive age because there are fewer constraints than for females, he happened to have a male to breed with 11 months genealogy time constraint, but otherwise I'm not to think that a year spent 1 genealogy rat can reproduce, it depends really returns, the female façe of the project. For a genealogy rat by unknown against it is best to make me reproduce from 18 months or 24 months and with a female with a known family only. My male rats can reproduires up to 3 times if necessary, but they reproduce only once in general. Weight Level I again more flexible than for females, it is not they who bear pups, they must have a good morphology against this must be balanced.



These projects will be worked on in Inbreeding. Inbreeding will help me in my case to fix the first character (which I have no particular worries over but I'm very committed and have good results), and work the positive and negative points of my family without add others. I invite you to go to the "Les projets" page for more information.



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