Hammocs / accessories

Accessories photoshoot

A Hat For My Rat: Creating hats, costumes and wings for small pets. Liven up your photo sessions with hats!

a hat for my rat



Hammocs / Only the handmade

- Nana Création Dodo: Very affordable prices, a lot of profits go to rescues Anais, dodo really beautiful and very resistant

- Les Mascarats : Very affordable prices, good choice of fabrics (many different styles)

- La sieste chez les Taratboostés : Affordable prices, good choice of fabrics, many different styles, good resistance.

- Audodocréatif : A bit high, good choice of fabrics, especially with solid dodos canvas fabrics.



Cage accessories

- Les Plakachons (site français) : Ceramic plates enamelled in color, with the name of the rodent, also bowl, houses, beautiful products!

- Nacstore (site français): Floors colored (yellow / orange / pink / light blue / turquoise), very fast delivery!

- Equinecaninefeline.com (site américain) : Mostly dodos, they do offer more floors or color sputnik. (High Shipping)

- The rat Warehouse    (site anglais) : sputnik pink, purple, plastic house etc. (High Shipping)

- Fretten (site allemand) : Ability to translate pages in English, many choices and colors: a lot of stories, sputnik, accessories for cages royal type XL etc. (FDP € 14.75 for a package up to 28 kg)

- Fuzzbut (site américain) :  Many choice of dodos, sputnik colored. (Shipping?)

- ratRation.com (site anglais) : Dodos, houses, cart, paradise accessories rats (high Shipping)




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