Rat's Food


What food to the table of les rats de goût?


  • Here the taste of rats a homemade mixture with a rate of 13.29% protein and 4.13% fat, it's a mix that I recently reviewed (12/2015), so to see in the time if the mix with new ingredients like their .. meals are served every day in the evening, the bowls are filled and left overnight where they are normally empty (the night the rats move and eat more;)).

    For food and more I just give them fruit / vegetables and a little meat.


Moms have an extra "little more" in addition quotidient mixture during breastfeeding. After the mixture itself suffice during gestation, no food is given in addition during this period to avoid the risk of over-boostage.


  • Booze I only use water bottles, it takes up much less space and is much cleaner than water dish.



The mixture

(I dual amounts here for more mixing side provided)


01 26


Melange 2



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